Who is my ideal partner?

In a relationship that was “a mixture of intimacy and sex and everything but sex in that last hour, in that last minute.”

He said that he wanted “people who are going to help me make this work and to get off and get on with my life and my friends – that’s really what I’m in love with.”

“I think I’ve found someone who is going to help me go through this,” he explained. “And for him to come and give all that and be there with me, and let us do things in that moment, is really special in my book.”

While the two men had been planning their wedding, Hahn was already planning something bigger: taking care of his two teenage children after leaving his job as a security guard for the Philadelphia Phillies. He shared with his wife, Ashley, that while they weren’t actually planning to have children, they wanted to give their daughter – who is 3 and 1/2 – some kind of support.

“We felt a little bit like she needed some sort of a support system as well and we wanted to give her [Ashley] as much support as her little sisters, who they’ve always gone through this, too.”

Hahn also revealed that, for his wife, it’s the responsibility of the children to give the father and daughter more space.

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