Who is the perfect boyfriend

That’s a tough question, definitely. But even if you are not in love with him immediately he will always put you at the top of the priority list if you tell him you want a divorce (see how that works?).

Now that you are an independent woman, you want to be financially stable and have a normal life. This requires a lot of work to achieve, but it pays off. Once you’ve been happy in your own household you can start to create more of a life. When it comes to financial stability one of the most important things people often overlook is debt. Although, when you are looking at your finances I do believe that you should be debt-free, but there are definitely some things you can’t live without.

You don’t want to feel guilty about making the right choices or breaking some sort of rule. I like to have a small pile of debt in my house to help me understand debt and how it impacts me; I also hold a card game because it gets me excited and excited is all I can say about it. Most women have debt but you do not, you simply have to decide that this is in your best interests.

One time I took $150 worth of credit cards but I am proud to admit that I never felt guilty about keeping those cards because I had never made a credit card payment before. If you haven’t been aware of the fact that when you love someone you don’t think about money ad you are irrational, that’s because you haven’t found your perfect boyfriend yet, but be patient, he is out there searching you as we speak.

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